1st year dating gift ideas

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That makes sails and sailboats wonderful images for Pentecost.Episode 2: “God Picks Paul” It will take a very special person to carry the Good News throughout the Roman world.Verse 3: The Captain is calling, young women, young men climb aboard.A new wind is blowing, set sail for the distant shore.

What most people LEAVE OUT, however, is that fact that it was a SAILING boat, moved by THE WIND.The official date of Pentecost moves every year because its date is based on the date of Easter, and Easter’s dated is based on a lunar calendar, not a fixed Roman one.The Eastern Church sometimes has a different date due to a historic disagreement about the dating of Passover.Up until then, they had been keeping it to themselves.Pentecost is the FIRST TIME they step out in faith beyond their own group. It is the gift of sharing the Good News boldly, and in such as way as it makes sense to those who hear it.

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Many will be unfamiliar with the early church’s understanding that the Spirit is also something that others can SEE and EXPERIENCE the Spirit moving IN US and through us.