Antopia dating

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Antopia dating

Because of its high solubility in water, boron can remain in solution for prolonged periods of time without additional additives, making application of Green Way Liquid Ant Killing Bait effective for up to 6 months.

Sweet and Protein feeding ants, German Cockroaches PESTS CONTROLLED WITH GREEN WAY LIQUID ANT KILLING BAIT: Sweet and Protein Feeding Ants (except Fire and Harvester Ants), Carpenter Ants, Argentine Ants; Roaches You'll love the results you see after using Green Way Liquid Ant Killing Bait with 1% DOT (Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate).

Gourmet Liquid Ant Bait is for use with popular ant bait stations such as Ant Cafe, and the Antopia R2 Ant Bait Station.

This liquid ant bait uses a sweet honeydew attractant that will attract all types of ants that will take the bait back to the colony to be fed to the queen and the other ants.

* If using in larger stations outside, place one station every 50 feet around structure.

Indoors or Outdoors near homes, apartments, condominiums, schools, hospitals, restaurants, grocery stores, food processing plants (nonfood areas), boats, cruise ships, institutional and commercial buildings, nursing homes, hotels, and warehouses Indoors Use Green Way Liquid Ant Killing Bait for the control of ants or German Cockroaches.

Due to the changing demands of the colony, it is common for foraging workers to also change their food sources.

This gives finicky ants a variety of textures and baits to choose from.Green Way Liquid Ant Killing Bait can be used in conjunction with other baits for maximum bait acceptance.It can also be used in stations such as the Antopia R2 Ant Bait Station in situations where sprays are not desired, such as around organic crops.Borates such as DOT have extremely low mammalian toxicity, and insects have shown no ability to develop resistance.The delayed action of DOT on insects maximizes feeding, trail following and mass recruitment in ants, ultimately destroying reproductives and the entire colony.

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Replace baits as needed until feeding activity ceases.

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