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When Pat met Took 25 years ago, she was divorced from her first husband by whom she had a son and two teenage daughters.

Took, her junior by seven years, charmed Pat and paid flattering attention to her daughters, particularly Jennifer who was 13 at the time.

One photograph showed a penis entering the vagina of a baby.

Many images showed small children shackled to chairs or bars, in obvious pain.

The first Pat knew of his gruesome activities was when two Gardaí arrived at her Irish home to inform her of his arrest.

At first she was in shocked denial, but once the evidence was shown to her, she accepted that she had been the victim of betrayal on an almost unbearable scale over 25 years. She is a gentle, intelligent, sensitive woman of 69.

‘I will have to live with the uncertainty surrounding this for the rest of my life,’ wrote Jennifer. My trust and view of the world has changed forever…

I can no longer leave my children in the care of other people without feeling suspicious of them. I feel that under the surface of the world there is evil.’ Indeed, the long-term impact of Took’s abuse cannot begin to be calculated.

Judge Blacksell, presiding over the sentencing hearing, referred to the chat logs as ‘unrestrained filth and depravity of the worst type’.

The police recovered these images from Took’s laptop.

There were, apparently, thousands more on his main computer but the hard drive had broken and police experts were unable to retrieve them.

Pat’s family noticed that Took liked teenage girls.

They treated it as a bit of a joke, which they feel sick about in hindsight, but none of them ever imagined his passion was for small children.

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She has money, taste and a considerable reputation as a painter.