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The Hotel Lynch on the south side of Fourth street, be- tween Market and Shipley streets, was built prior to 1800 and for seventy years was known as the Swan Hotel. Gibson, and he changed the name to the Gibson House. In 1902 the Gibson estate sold the property to Humphrey Lynch by whom it has since been conducted. Pyle became proprietor for a second time, remaining there until 1884, when he sold out to Edwin O. 91 108 59 72 93 35 123 52 100 80 126 79 80 25 146 50 444 HISTORY OF THE COUNTIES AND HUNDREDS, Name Amity No.

Among the early proprietors were John Hadden, Isaac Anderson, Eli Lamborn, Samuel Hopper and Andrew J. He continued in charge until 1878, when he retired and leased it to John Dunn, who in a few years gave way to John J. The Lafayette Hotel, which was built in 1845, occupied the 404 HISTORY OB" THE COUNTIES AND HUNDREDS. Taylor, who continued in charge until 1895, when the premises were sold to the United States government. January 20 Newark January 27 Seaford September 1 Lewes ....

Next in order came Jesse Sharpe, and while he was in charge the building was sold, and in 1842 it was discontinued for hotel purposes and became a drygoods store.

Afterwards the same name, " Indian King," was given to another hotel which stood for years on Market street above Front, occupying the site of the present A. Hart Company's wholesale grocery house, and known as No. The Indian Queen Hotel, at the northeast corner of Fifth and Market streets, for three-quarters of a century was the leading hotel in the city, where people of quality were enter- tained and where banquets were spread in honor of the digni- taries.

It was rechristened Mc Cormick's Hotel, and has since been under the successful management of the Mc Cormick brothers. December 15 Grubbs June 20 18.30 1831 1846 1833 1842 1845 1846 1846 J 847 1847 1847 1847 1847 1848 1848 1840 Member- ship 1905. It can be traced back to 1789, and Enoch Welch, who served as postmaster of the city from 1796 to 1798, was one of the early proprietors. The stages that ran from Philadelphia to Baltimore stopped there, as did the stage line down the peninsula. Pyle again took charge in 1885 and continued until 1894, when James L. At first it was called the Buck Tavern, but it later became known far and wide as Sharpe's Hotel because several members of that family owned and conducted it. He died of yellow fever in 1797 and Eli Sharpe succeeded him. In 1825 the latter erected a new building, the date stone of which has been recently donated to the Historical Society of Delaware by one of the Sharpe descendants.

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Within the past few years it has been entirely remodeled, and has taken on a new lease of life under the management of Arthur Sullivan, the present [)roprietor.

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