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The Canon website goes on to explain that the "G" stood for "grade up" in quality improvement, and the "III" for the third of the Canonet series.

In 2005, production of the original Lomo LC-A was discontinued.

Whether you're a professional photographer, camera buff, or just want to capture special moments on film, traditional film cameras produce crisp images and rich colors to last a lifetime. There are plenty of other great cameras out there hungry for film.

Unlike digital cameras, film cameras won't require any computer upgrades or special software. This is simply a sampling of some cameras that may work best for someone just getting into film.

After its introduction in 1976, the Canon AE-1 quickly became a very popular camera worldwide.

Backed by a major advertising campaign, the AE-1 sold over one million units, which made it an unprecedented success in the SLR market.

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The integrated lightmeter provides shutter priority and manual modes.