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Did you ever wonder if it was possible to do an update or insert in one query?

Normally you would write a select query and execute some C# code to see if a certain record already exists and if so do an update and if not do an insert.

When this was completed it had to export result data they would use to check if all the data was transferred correctly.

Because they had to "practice" this import many times I decided to make a Windows Forms application and access the CRM data via the API using LINQ. When the custom driver made by Alex Igrushkin stopped working for CRM 20 and it appeared that there wouldn't be any upgrade as well, I was very disappointed.

The first colonization of Central America occurred from a direct migration event from Amazonia, and multiple bidirectional trans-Andean migrations between Amazonia and Central America took place subsequently.

Notably, these rare biological exchanges occurred well after major mountain building periods.

Besides three SQL query executions this also involves a lot of C# code and doesn't feel like a very efficient approach. When I started as a CRM developer I used to make changes to Java Script, went to the form editor of the entity concerned, clicked form properties, opened up the Java Script, pasted the changed code, clicked save and publish and the went back to my browser to refresh the page and see if the change was working.

For instance, the efficiency of the Northern Andes as migration barrier is shown for Andean centred woody species of Crematosperma, Klarobelia, Malmea, and Mosannona (Annonaceae.

Second one is that we now have an entity that stores tracing information.

If you want to write errors and debug info from plugins and such you can now see them via the CRM interface in stead of viewing them on the server in some text file, which would not even be possible in a cloud version. For one of my a clients I had to make something to import records from their old invoicing system into the new CRM via csv files.

I was working on a project where my client wanted a Web API service so various external portals could add and update members in CRM. In the REST world it is very common to update items by only sending the changed data and leaving out the other variables.

Let's imagine a "contact" entity where I only want to update the first name and leave the last name unchanged. When you retrieve a record from CRM and one of the fields is a so called option set you might have noticed that only the numeric value is available.

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Well-sampled phylogenies for epiphyte clades have been lacking to address this issue. Begonia) span across the Neotropical region, many of which are restricted to lowland elevations.