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To answer it they take their stand on the teaching of the Master in the nineteenth chapter of St.

Matthew and the parallel passages of Holy Scripture .

The love of God and of one's neighbour was the great precept of the Law, its summary and abridgment, that on which the whole Law and the Prophets depended.

In spite of the undeniable superiority in this respect of the Mosaic Law to the other codes of antiquity, it has not escaped the adverse criticism of heretics in all ages and of Rationalists in our own day.

The tribes of Chanaan richly deserved the fate to which they were condemned by God ; and if there were innocent people among the guilty, God is the absolute Lord of life and death, and He commits no injustice when He takes away what He has given.

Besides, He can make up by gifts of a higher order in another life for sufferings which have been patiently endured in this life.

In this article we shall confine our attention exclusively to the moral precepts of the Divine Law.

The great moral code, the basis of all true civilization, in this manner became the clear, certain, and publicly recognized standard of moral conduct for the Jewish people, and through them for Christendom.

Divine Law is that which is enacted by God and made known to man through revelation.

We distinguish between the Old Law, contained in the Pentateuch, and the New Law, which was revealed by Jesus Christ and is contained in the New Testament.

It was a sign and mark by which he was known to be a lifelong slave.

The practice was doubtless already familiar to the Israelites of the time, as it was to their neighbours.

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