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The similarities between the two tales are so remarkable that we cannot write them off in good conscience as mere coincidences.In the earlier flood legend, Utnapishtim receives instructions and exact dimensions on how to construct a large ship to avoid an imminent flood (as does Noah in Genesis -16), takes animals and his family aboard to preserve life on earth (as does Noah in Genesis -7:1), lands the ship on a mountain after the flood has stopped (as does Noah in Genesis 8:4), releases a dove and a raven from the ship in order to aid his search for dry land (as does Noah in Genesis 8:6-11), and burns a sacrifice after the flood for the gods who find its odor pleasing (as does Noah in Genesis -21).This unnecessary and foreseeable correction is hardly the logical course of action for an omnipotent god to take.If you let your inhibitions loose, however, it should be painfully obvious that the original authors of Genesis didnt consider these salient points as they were writing.In short, as we have seen and will continue to see, the book of Genesis is not a reliable source of historical information by any stretch of the imagination.A little known but important piece of information about the Genesis flood is that the extremely similar Epic of Gilgamesh in the Sumerian legend predates Noahs story by at least one thousand years in the written form and at least five hundred years for the setting.Within the story, we have a god who has to modify virtually all of his creations for the solely expressed reason of the people having become wicked and evil (Genesis 6:5), yet wicked and evil people continue to exist throughout the Bible.Right off the bat, the foundation for the story fails to make sense.

The author clearly tells the story from the perspective that God had just recently realized the way the world had become.

exist straight through the flood era of 2500-2000 BCE.

This contingency creates a stack of obvious problems without planned solutions because the flood supposedly vanquished the inhabitants of these regions.

Infants and young children who do not possess the intellectual capacity to tell right from wrong were also casualties of the flood! These are hardly the actions of the loving God depicted in the New Testament.

The innocent children didnt deserve the fate God inexcusably dealt them, end of story.

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I can think of no superior example thoroughly demonstrating why the Bible is not the holy word of any deity than the tale of Noah and his ark.