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The realisation that co-operation could bring far greater benefits than confrontation has, in many cases, resulted in good working relationships in some parts of the country.Examples of this “symbiosis” have certainly been demonstrated in recent years when major archaeological discoveries have been made by detectorists and left in situ for the archaeologists to excavate.You felt an overwhelming desire to touch the artefacts and coins that were once the everyday items of use by our ancestors, but those glass barriers denied you the privilege of making that physical contact with the past. Until about three decades ago that privilege was reserved for the lucky few such as archaeologists, museum staff, historians, and scholars.Archaeologists, of course, would normally have been the first to touch any object that came out of the ground after having been lost or deliberately hidden for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

Only then would a select few of these treasures be put on display for the public to admire. Their basic design gave them the appearance of a simple transistor radio attached to a stick with a small coil on the end.There have even been cases where long held beliefs about the past have had to be revised owing to discoveries made by metal detectorists.A classic example of this occurred in Germany in the last decade.Another reason why finds are still coming up in abundance is due to the advances in metal detector design.The introduction of microprocessor technology has revolutionised metal detecting just as it has all other aspects of our lives.

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In AD 9 Germanic tribesmen known as the Cherusci ambushed and massacred the armies of the Roman general Varus.